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If you ask staff at other billing companies what it is they do, they're apt to respond "we process claims;" if you come to Clifford Medical Billing and ask the same question, you'll hear "we collect money for our doctors!" - there's a world of difference!

The most important function of a medical billing service is to collect the payment its doctors have earned. Every client who comes to Clifford Medical Billing from another billing company has experienced an increase in cash collections, often dramatically more.

  • Knowledgeable account representatives
  • Prompt payment posting
  • Electronic & paper claim filing
  • Secondary & tertiary claim filing
  • Aged claim reports with claim reconciliation
  • Rejected claim resolution
  • Electronic patient statements
  • Phone calls to past due patient accounts
  • Soft collections on outstanding patient balances
  • Comprehensive management reports
  • Data backup
  • Software upgrades

The Clifford Medical Billing Services Difference!

Other Services available to our clients

  • Electronic Health Records
  • Practice Management Consulting
  • Insurance Contracting and Credentialing
  • Coding services by Certified Professional Coders

Claim Submission

Claims are electronically sent directly to the carrier. Summary notifications confirm filing information and are always available for management review.

Payment Posting

Some insurance payments are posted electronically to our system. Our software monitors correct payment and adjustment levels. Claims rejected or improperly paid are immediately resolved.

Claim Appeals

Claims requiring appeal are promptly resolved. Online claim corrections or written appeals are filed when appropriate. Our comprehensive service handles all claim appeal matters until correct payment is received.

Patient Account Follow Up

Our billing system limits the possibility of claim denial. Patient accounts requiring additional follow up measures are electronically prompted for quick resolution by our trained billing specialists.

Patient Billing Inquiries

All patient inquiries are handled with a personal touch. Our customer service representatives will answer all account questions from your patients as well as your office staff.

Do You Want To...

  • Improve cash flow
  • Expedite payment
  • Increase accuracy
  • Reduce employee expenses
  • Eliminate cash flow interruption due to staff turnover, and non-productive time
  • Eliminate patient calls to your office regarding their bill
  • Eliminate hardware or software to purchase OR maintain
  • Reduce expense for office supplies (paper, envelopes, HCFAs)
  • Eliminate postage costs for mailing of statements and claims

Studies have shown that practices who have outsourced their medical billing to a medical billing partner that submits claims electronically have reduced their rejection rates and realized a significant decrease in uncollected medical billing claims.