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Clifford Medical Billing Specialists, Inc. is a Revenue Cycle Management Company providing medical billing, medical coding, and practice management services to your practice, with the latest reimbursement strategies, information, and services available to the healthcare industry. Our primary goal is to get you the reimbursement you are entitled to - in a timely manner.

Our staff has the needed experience in the healthcare industry to take your practice to the next level. With over 100 years of combined experience in the Healthcare and Insurance industry, Clifford Medical Billing Specialists' staff can provide your practice with a Complete Billing Services Package.

Clifford Medical Billing has the expertise needed to provide outstanding service to physicians and other medical professionals from a broad range of specialities. Using the latest technology available we are able to provide our clients and their patients with fast, efficient service while maximizing our client's income potential.

Clifford Medical Billing Specialists, Inc. provides medical billing, medical coding, practice management and various customer service operations to physicians and groups nationwide. We are located in beautiful Naples, Florida.

Clifford Medical Billing Specialists, Inc. was born in a small home office in Naples, Florida and quickly began to grow, moving to a small office suite and now operating from a much larger facility in an office complex.

Fueled by the professional drive and determination of its founder, Lisa M. Clifford, CPC, Clifford Medical Billing Specialists, Inc. has now grown to over 10 times its' size since inception and has the ability and dedicated staff to handle all aspects of your medical billing & coding needs.

We employ knowledgeable staff that has long term experience in medical billing to achieve a high standard of billing accuracy. Our strengths include the use of state of the art revenue cycle management software that allows us to transmit all transactions in a secure HIPAA approved environment using X12 5010 compliant software. We securely transmit over 120,000 electronic claims per year. Our first pass ‘clean claims’ rate is over 90%. We also utilize instant electronic eligibility to confirm each patients insurance eligibility to achieve the highest level of clean claims transmission. Our staff has subscription service access to various online coding tools that allow them to research proper coding and billing rules as defined by CMS and commercial insurance payers. These tools also include checking NCD and LCD policies, CCI edits and validity of CPT and ICD-9 codes for accurate coding and billing.

We have processes for posting all available 835 files in an ERA posting program that limits the error rate on payment posting. The review of weekly and monthly reports guarantee that the accounts receivable is being monitored and worked to keep the days in AR lower than industry standard. We pride ourselves in providing a high level of professional services with a consistent methodology to ensure a seamless interface with our physician practices. Our commitment to excellence allows us to provide a completely transparent operation that every physician client enjoys and appreciates.

Clifford Medical Billing Specialists, Inc. has a simple mission, and that is to collect all the revenue due for the services provided, in a timely manner, so you can concentrate on patient care!

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Do You Want To...

  • Improve cash flow
  • Expedite payment
  • Increase accuracy
  • Reduce employee expenses
  • Eliminate cash flow interruption due to staff turnover, and non-productive time
  • Eliminate patient calls to your office regarding their bill
  • Eliminate hardware or software to purchase OR maintain
  • Reduce expense for office supplies (paper, envelopes, HCFAs)
  • Eliminate postage costs for mailing of statements and claims

Studies have shown that practices who have outsourced their medical billing to a medical billing partner that submits claims electronically have reduced their rejection rates and realized a significant decrease in uncollected medical billing claims.